The farm family

We are fortunate to have had this great farm, with its many lessons, as a place to raise our kids. Today Tim and Jan manage activities at the farm. Drew and Jess have fled the nest in search of broader frontiers, yet both keep tabs on the farm and search out their own ways to support local farmers where they live.


engineer background contributes to the areas he focuses on, including crop planting planning, production systems such as our crop rotation, machinery and equipment, and all of our record keeping and analysis.


organizer and educator background contributes to the areas she focuses on, including crew management, marketing and outreach, and farm member communication. She also serves as part time Administrator for Healthy Harvest of North Iowa.


Together, we work hard to maintain a high standard of product quality.


Drew in a combine


is our web master. His flare for website design is reflected in the farm website which he manages for us. In January 2012 he started with Case New Holland in New Holland, Pennsylvania, as a Combine Test Engineer. He's happiest when he's in the field in the seat of the largest combine.


Jess with a boat




continually feeds her appetite for learning and the outdoors by working as a bicycle mechanic and Service Manager at a bicycle shop in the Twin Cities; exploring life with her life partner Katrina, an elementary teacher at an environmental charter school; and navigating the metropolis of Minnesota's Twin Cities.


A crew photo

Farm crew

We are privileged to have a great summer crew made up of farm members and friends who have worked with us over the years. We work hard, eat well, and share a lot of stories as we work.

We have opportunities for part-time help with tasks that range from planting to maintenance to harvest to post-harvest handling and packaging. Contact us if you are interested in working at the farm.

The farm horse - Sass


our 18 year old mare, is definitely a horse with an attitude. She can be found enjoying a pasture full of grass, her white blaze visible from the road.  And when you stop by for a visit, don’t miss saying “Hi” to her, she’ll gladly great you with a whinny!


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