Another great product from our farm to you!

Enjoy our farm fresh chicken raised on certified organic feed and pasture...

Chicken Pen

The story of our pasture-raised poultry starts when our local post office calls announcing that day-old chicks have arrived. From the post office, the chicks are quickly settled into their brooder in the barn for three weeks. Next, they are moved out to the field and into our mobile pen.
The pen provides access to fresh clover, enough room to roam and protection from predators and weather. The pens are moved daily so the birds have fresh ground and their droppings are spread evenly around the field. By incorporating the chickens into our crop rotation system, they play an important role in our soil fertility.

In 2008 we invested in a system to handle bulk certified organic feed for the chickens. The feed is coming from Bluestem Enterprises, Inc. of Webster City.

Finally, the chickens are processed by Martzahn's Farm Processing in Greene, IA - a state-inspected poultry processor and then fresh frozen before delivery.


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