Our 2017 season:

Our farm shares provide delivery of in-season, top quality vegetables from mid-May through December.

You're sure to find a share or combination of shares to meet your needs. We offer ten different Shares for you to chose - from our main season Full Share (mid-May to early July, August through September) to our late season December Delivery. In addition to this selection of vegetable shares, we offer several add-on features and Kits. Read all about these offerings below and sign up today!

All current prices, payment options, and delivery schedule details are listed on our Member Sign up Form.

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(Full share = Spring + Summer shares)
16 weeks, Mid-May through June, August through September
Enjoy weekly deliveries of fresh, in-season, clean, and naturally grown vegetables. Serve up the rhythms of the season at your table - from early vegetables like green onions, lettuce, and spinach to late season comfort foods like our delicious carrots, winter squash, and leeks. Designed for two adults or a small family.

Every Other Week (EOW) Share:

8 weeks, Mid-May through June, August through September
The same selection of high quality vegetables as in the Full Share, but delivered every other week for a total of 8 deliveries.


7 weeks Mid-May through June: Schedule of vegetables
After a long winter, there’s nothing quite so delightful as the green and sweet vegetables fresh from the farm. For those who especially love this season of vegetables or have schedule conflicts the rest of the summer, enjoy seven weekly deliveries from mid-May through June of fresh, green vegetables in this early share. Includes early greens, asparagus, edible peas, green onions, radish, broccoli, and more.

YOU Pick Spring:

With our You Pick share, we put the scheduling into your hands for the most flexible share we offer.
The You Pick Spring Share provides five deliveries that you schedule at your convenience during our Spring Share.


9 weeks, August to September: Schedule of vegetables
Savor the “high season” of the gardens and keep eating right into the comfort foods of fall. This share provides 9 weekly deliveries from August to late September.
Includes full selection from the “summer garden” right through to the end of our season.

YOU Pick Summer:

With our You Pick share, we put the scheduling into your hands for the most flexible share we offer.
The You Pick Summer Share provides five deliveries that you schedule that you schedule at your convenience during our Summer Share



First two weeks of October: Schedule of vegetables
Two weeks of fresh greens and extra salad fixings just when you thought the garden was all done. Delivered the first two weeks of October.


2nd week November
Adopt an attitude of gratitude and celebrate your Thanksgiving feast using all local ingredients. Includes winter squash, onions, potatoes, and more. One full grocery sack. Delivered 2nd week of November. Schedule of vegetables

Thanksgiving Box

WINTER Delivery:

2nd week December
Now is time to stock up on supplies of storage crops from the farm to keep you in vegetables deep into the winter. Includes potatoes, carrot, onion, beets, and garlic. Two full grocery sacks,delivered 2nd week of December: Schedule of vegetables


The best of the whole season!
Fill your cornucopia and keep a bit in your wallet. This share includes our most popular items so you won’t miss any of the great tastes from the farm all season: Full share, Fall Greens, Thanksgiving Box, Winter Delivery, Fruit, Pesto Kit, Fresh Salsa Kit and Roast it Kit.

Share Add-Ons

Fruit share box - strawberries

The Fruit Share:

Available with Full, EOW, Spring, or Summer Share only.
A summer of fresh, scrumptious fruits. Deliveries of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, pears, and apples – each delivered in season. The fruit comes from farming friends we trust. Schedule of fruit


Available with Full, EOW, or Summer Share only.

Pesto Kit:

Pesto – the green herb spread for the gods! Pesto is a delicious addition to pasta and summer vegetables, but try it also on homemade pizza, grilled cheese sandwich or with a cracker! This kit includes basil and garlic, plus our favorite pesto recipe, – enough to make 2-3 C. of pesto. You supply Parmesan cheese, olive oil, and the pine nuts. Available late July/early August.

Fresh Salsa Kit:

Just right for a delicious, fresh salsa snack to share with friends. This kit includes tomatoes, onion, garlic and hot peppers. Available August till frost.

Salsa Kit:

Chop it up, eat it fresh, or can it for winter, dip a chip or top a burrito! Anyway you like it, salsa made fresh can’t be beat! This kit includes 15 pounds canning tomatoes, green pepper, onions, garlic, and hot peppers. Available late August/early September.

Roast it! Kit:

Cook up a wonderful aroma and your own homemade marinara supply. Roasting the tomatoes makes this process easy and delicious – no peeling of tomatoes! Roast, blend, and can!
The Roast it! Kit provides 15 pounds of canning tomatoes, onions, garlic, green pepper, basil, and oregano with our favorite Roasted Tomato recipe. Available late August/early September.

Can it! Kit:

Put summer in a jar and enjoy tomatoes this winter! Yes, it’s a busy time to preserve food, but won’t you be smug this winter when all you have to do is get the jar out of the cupboard?!
The Can it! Kit provides 15 pounds of canning tomatoes at their peak. Available late August/early September.

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